msmJarosław Jedynak

Likes: sysadm, high-level, software engineering, low-level, reverse engineering, cryptography, algorithms, math, death metal, cats. Works at CERT Polska.


RevMateusz Szymaniec

Software and security engineer. Currently working as an IT Security Specialist at CERT Polska.


nazywamMichał Praszmo

When I'm not breaking something I'm either solving some kind of Rubik's Cube or breaking something.


c7f.m0d3Piotr Krysiuk

Computer security expert specializing in uncovering targeted attacks.

Enjoys pwning toy services on the Internet in his free time.

akrasuski1Adam Krasuski

The guy who created the smallest P4 logo in P4 file format (and ASCII-printable too!):

echo 'P4 8 11 |~gg~|`jjnb' > logo.p4


psrok1Paweł Srokosz

Security researcher and malware analyst - currently working as an IT Security Specialist at CERT Polska.


saszaKrzysztof Stopczański

Too lazy to build things, but always happy to break something. Fan of coding and computer security since early childhood. During CTFs works mostly in web, but also does some pwns from time to time. Personally enjoys traveling and classic cars.

rodbertRobert Tomkowski

Software and security engineer. Ex-perfectionist – lost his faith in high-quality code many years ago, after falling into a dragon nest called real life. Former captain of CodiSec CTF team. Likes sword fencing (HEMA), homebrewing, mixology and agriculture. Currently executing his world domination plan.

EternalAgnieszka Bielec

The prettiest girl in p4. Has a big collection of hats and likes sokpomaranczowyswiezowyciskany. Reads malloc.c to sleep.


chivayHubert Jasudowicz

Just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe.


kazetKrzysztof Zając

Software engineer. During CTFs works mostly with web tasks. Fan of bad puns.

NieDżejkobJakub Kądziołka

Loves Rust, but somehow also assembly and nothing in between. Fascinated by compilers and proof checkers. Apparently into infosec.


Guests / inactive