msmJarosław Jedynak

Likes: sysadm, high-level, software engineering, low-level, reverse engineering, cryptography, algorithms, math, death metal, cats.

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RevMateusz Szymaniec

Software and security engineer. Currently working as an IT Security Specialist at CERT Polska.

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nazywamMichał Praszmo

c7f.m0d3Piotr Krysiuk

Computer security expert specializing in uncovering targeted attacks.
Enjoys pwning toy services on the Internet in his free time.

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akrasuski1Adam Krasuski

The guy who created the smallest P4 logo in P4 file format (and ASCII-printable too!):

echo 'P4 8 11 |~gg~|`jjnb' > logo.p4

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psrok1Paweł Srokosz

Security researcher and malware analyst - currently working as an IT Security Specialist at CERT Polska.

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saszaKrzysztof Stopczański

Too lazy to build things, but always happy to break something. Fan of coding and computer security since early childhood. During CTFs works mostly in web, but also does some pwns from time to time. Personally enjoys traveling and classic cars.

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rodbertRobert Tomkowski

Software and security engineer. Ex-perfectionist – lost his faith in high-quality code many years ago, after falling into a dragon nest called real life. Former captain of CodiSec CTF team.
Likes sword fencing (HEMA), homebrewing, mixology and agriculture.
Currently executing his world domination plan.

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chivayHubert Jasudowicz

Just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe.

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desHubert Barc

Interested in more stuff than he has time to engage with. Pentester at big corp. ML/Cloud/Data science enthusiast.

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kazetKrzysztof Zając

Software engineer. During CTFs works mostly with web tasks. Fan of bad puns.

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mayaMaja Kądziołka

Standard-issue programmer catgirl. Loves Rust and Haskell, but somehow also assembly and Forth, yet nothing in between. Fascinated by compilers and proof assistants. Apparently into infosec.

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ptrcnullPatrycja Rosa

DevOps during the day, open-sourcerer after hours; Go/Rust programmer, self-hosting enthusiast, Alpine Linux developer ( if your container broke, that might be my fault! :P )

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@[email protected]

kubolos231Jakub Sajniak

Pentester working at STM Solutions. On CTFs doing mainly web tasks. In free time either drinking good coffee or learning new stuff, sometimes shooting some profile pictures – just for fun.

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dominikosoDominik Kostecki

Pentester @ STM Solutions. Little lazy but ambitious, determined to be in IT since early childhood. During CTFs does some web or misc, and sometimes forensic. In his free time Hacks some boxes and pays big money to make his coffee taste like tea (alternative brewing), all accompanied by rhythms of 00s Rock Anthems.

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BonusAdam Kliś

Pretending I know what I'm doing.

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kannthuDawid Moczadło

Software writer and breaker. I like working hard and making sure I stay sane and happy at the same time.

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r4v4uRafał Gill

Pentester @ STM. Former SOC & EDR analyst. While doing "red" stuff daily, still "blue" inside. Constant learner.
I like to collect useless papers (certs, not money!).

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